A Custom Designed and Built Home - Simplified


Valley Heights offers a unique opportunity for a home buyer to design and build a home exactly to their specifications without the added  complication of finding an architect and builder.  New home buyers have traditionally had the option to choose between a stock home builder where they choose from a limited number of predetermined floor plans or go to a full custom home. Choosing a stock home builder reduces the stress, hassle, time and cost of going to a full custom home, but requires a home buyer to make compromises in the design and building of the home that may not match up with their needs and wants. Alternatively, a custom home allows a home buyer to build a house to their specifications, but requires a lot more time, planning and decision making, particularly at the beginning of the process when finding a suitable architect and builder.

Valley Heights presents a unique opportunity for today's home buyer to build a truly custom home with less stress, time, decision making and cost than the traditional custom home process. Valley Heights has chosen to work with Shaw Design Group and BR Shaw Construction based on their past performance of designing and building homes of exceptional quality at reasonable cost combined with unique and thoughtful design.  In fact, this talented design and build team has already completed  one home at Valley Heights and will be starting another project shortly. While any purchaser at Valley Heights is encouraged to use the builder and architect of their own choosing, we invite you learn more about  Shaw Design Group and BR Shaw Construction with some basic information below  as well as representations of their work. To see the home they have already built at Valley Heights, please click here. For more information on this unique program, contact Peterson/Calder Group Real Estate here.


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Shaw Design Group has been creating original designs throughout Utah and the intermountain region for almost 15 years.  Projects range from large-scale family retreats to budget sensitive remodels.  The company strives to deliver well-composed design solutions for each project, regardless of size and scope. 

Darin Shaw is the company's principal designer and is intimately involved in the design of each project.  His design experience is complimented by a rich background in construction, giving him a valuable perspective on the complete process of creating a home.  He enjoys working personally with each client and values the many relationships established along the way. 

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BR Shaw Construction specializes in unique custom homes and developments.  Completed projects can be found throughout Utah, as well as Western Wyoming.  With more than 40 years experience, the company is known for high standards, quality, and craftsmanship.  Managing partners, BR and Dave each come with an extensive background in carpentry and construction management.  They strive to provide the highest level of service in all aspects of the construction process, and value each client relationship.

Representative Work of Shaw Design Group and BR Shaw Construction

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